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As George Soros stated: "I think this move is the single best way for the average person to get rich today. And the best way to learn to do it right is by following Justin Ford, I refer to him 'my secret weapon..."

Many think Real Estate investment is not for them. "I don't have money", they say. "It's not for me, I know nothing about real estate", others comment

Real Estate investors, a reduce group of rich men, know a little secret: You don't need to have money to buy property.

A bank will never lend you $ 10.000 to buy Apple stock, but, and we know they do, they will lend you $ 400.000 or more to invest in a Real Estate. And they will use the property you are buying to secure the loan. We teach you to leverage on this situation, building a chain sets of properties. Buying them, collecting rent, and buying more.

"The best investment on earth is earth." - Louis J. Glickman, Real estate investor

In 1919, 33-year-old Conrad Hilton took his $5,000 life savings to Texas to make his fortune.

The great Spindletop oil discovery had been made 18 years earlier. During World War I, the Ranger fields gushed out $200 million in two years. And now, it seemed new finds were being made every day. Oil was pouring out of the earth, and towns like Cisco were overflowing with roughnecks and would-be oil barons.

But "Connie" Hilton wasn't about to prospect for oil. Just as the sure money had been made in California 70 years earlier - not by panning for gold, but by selling shovels to the miners - Connie was going to sell prospectors something they desperately needed: money.

He was going to be a banker. But a funny thing happened on his way to becoming a banker - he couldn't find a room for the night...

My Kingdom for a Bed

After unsuccessfully making an offer on a bank just hours after arriving in town, Connie headed to the Mobley Hotel to get some rest and regroup. The Mobley was nothing more than a flophouse, but every seat in the lobby was taken, men were milling around the clerk's desk, and every room in the joint was booked. To add insult to fatigue, an old timer started shooing people out of the lobby, saying they didn't allow "loitering!" Connie got hot under the collar. But before he could reply, the old man shouted, "Come back in eight hours when we turn this lot loose!"

"You mean you let 'em sleep eight hours and then get a complete turnover?" Connie asked the old man.

"That's the idea. Three times every twenty-four hours, day in and day out. They'd pay to sleep on the tables in the restaurant if I'd let 'em." Conrad Hilton made a $50,000 offer to the owner right on the spot. He then scrambled to put together partners and financing... and Hilton Hotels was born.

From Flophouse to Riches

Hilton didn't build his first "grand" hotel under his own name until a few years later in Dallas. But it was the Mobley and a series of other boarding houses that made his initial fortune. And the same fundamental techniques and principles he used to build that fortune apply whether you're buying your first condo, coop, single family home, duplex, triplex, or even mobile home.

That's what we're going to focus on in the C.A.P. Strategy. With this service, you'll learn how to use value-focused, risk-averse principles and strategies to help steadily build wealth in real estate. As you'll see, buying even a single home is one of the best - most lucrative - investments you can make...

Real estate is a cash flow business. You finance your investments, so you need cash coming in from your investment to pay the carrying cost of your investment as you go.

Unlike stocks and bonds, you don't pay cash all at once. Not if you want to get rich in real estate.

If you're already rich, you can buy the right properties for cash, make a solid annual yield of 10% or more, and perhaps annual appreciation on top of that.

But if you want to double or even triple your money every few years, you need to finance your property investments. And that's not just poor folks who do it. The richest of the rich do it.

Donald Trump didn't start out with nothing. His father Fred had made millions investing in apartment buildings in Queens and Brooklyn, NY. But "The Donald" turned those millions into billions when he began investing in Manhattan - still using "OPM," other people's money. "Real estate is a cash flow business. You need cash coming in from your investment to pay the carrying cost of your investment as you go." One building he bought, for instance, was 40 Wall Street. He paid $1 million for it early in his career - before anyone knew his name. And he borrowed most of that. Today, that building alone is worth over $200 million, and "The Donald" is a billionaire.

Good for Donald. But what if you're just starting out? Can you use the power of leverage to build a fortune? More than a few have, starting from little or no savings...

Donald Bren, for instance, is a former Marine who bought his first house in 1958 with a $10,000 loan. He built on that success to become the largest landowner in Orange County, California. His personal fortune today is estimated at $4 billion!

Jim Clayton grew up picking cotton on his father's farm. Before the age of 20, he bought his first property - a used car lot. Then he moved on to mobile home lots. Today, Forbes says this "mobile home king" is worth $620 million.

Thomas Flatly came off the boat from Ireland with nothing but a will to work. Soon, he went to work building apartment houses, offices, and hotels throughout New England. Today, he's worth $1.2 billion.

When George Argyros got his real estate license, instead of just making commissions, he started making deals. He began buying and selling lots at busy intersections. Today, he's worth $930 million...

Alexander Spanos was a college dropout making $40 a week in his father's bakery when he discovered real estate. Soon, he gave up baker's dough for real dough, investing in motels and apartments. Today, he owns 3,700 units. His net worth is $850 million.

Alfred Taubman was another college dropout. He took out a $5,000 loan for his first real estate deal. Today, his shopping center empire has given him a personal net worth of $700 million.

After flying combat missions in WWII, Marvin "Buzz" Oates returned to the U.S. with $2,000 in savings. He put it to work in real estate. Today, his "savings" amount to $800 million.

All these investors were able to build sizable fortunes starting with little or no money of their own. They did that because they learned how to identify value and then find "investors" for their properties.

Those investors could come in the form of banks who lend you money for your properties, private lenders or equity partners, or even the seller - who lends you some or all of the money to buy his property (called "seller financing").

I'll cover all these techniques and more in The C.A.P. Strategy. And I'll always focus on minimizing risk as well as spotting opportunities. That's very important because I fully believe that when you focus on the downside, the upside will take care of itself.

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